Did you know visiting Nail Salons frequently for a gel manicure could damage the DNA in your hands?

Did you know  visiting Nail Salons frequently for a gel manicure could damage the DNA in your hands?

Nail Salon visits to get a manicure frequently could damage the DNA in your hands due to the use of the UV light machine used to dry your manicures. This is where we step in. Polish Me Pretty manicures are gel cured press on nails which prevents you from getting exposed to ultra violet rays and other chemicals. We give you the ready manicure - just press, play and voila you get a salon finished manicure within minutes. 

UV light is used to harden gel coatings on fingernails, but is it doing damage?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are known to cause skin cancer at high exposures, and yet very little safety research has been done on the lamps used to dry nail polish in beauty salons. If someone is going few times a year, they probably don't have much to worry about. If they're going once every two weeks, it may be more cause for concern

A case study shows :

On doing an experiment findings suggest UV light from nail lamps can damage the DNA of human and mice cells in similar ways.

When petri dishes of mouse and human cells were put inside a nail polish dryer for two 20-minute sessions (separated by an hour break), about 20 to 30 percent of the cells died.

Meanwhile, 20 minutes of exposure a day for three days back-to-back killed up to 70 percent of exposed cells. For a single manicure, a person sticks their fingers under UV light for about 10 minutes in total. The exposure in the current study was extreme by comparison.

Cells that remained after the total exposure period showed signs of DNA damage and mutations linked to skin cancer.

While these results do not provide direct evidence of increased cancer risk, they do indicate that an appreciable level of risk could be present. Exactly how often someone needs to visit a nail salon to put themselves in danger's way remains to be determined.

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