Everything you need to know about Kiara's wedding manicure!

Everything you need to know about Kiara's wedding manicure!

Having her nails done with a nude pink polish, Kiara picked a neutral manicure to complement her soft rose chooda and kaleeras. The trend is also known as 'Clean Girl Nails' has officially made its way from runways and Instagram trends to bridal beauty, for a good reason. The trend that started from Tik-Tok has now taken over the internet like a storm. Think of it as “your nails, but better” with shades that aren't dissimilar to the nail's actual tint. Sheer nudes and naked pink tints are ideal to cop this trend. 

Soooo, what is the 'Clean Girl Nails' trend?

Made popular by TikTok, the clean-girl nail look uses a combination of neutral colors, sheer tones, and glowy reflections using chrome colors .

Why is it called clean girl?

As the name suggests, clean girl nails are chic, minimal, well-groomed and low-maintenance. A classic clean manicure includes a sheer, milky base along with simple nail designs and neutral and chrome colours.

To give you a better idea this is how the 'Clean Girl Manicure' trend looks like

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