What's the tea about Press On Nails?

What's the tea about Press On Nails?

Remember when press on nails were, well… tacky? Corny? The nails your mom would NEVER let you out of the house with on?

Well, there are now more sophisticated options at Polish Me Pretty that resemble a real manicure while still being fun. Many celebrities such as Ariana Grande switched to press-on nails during quarantine and they are slowly gaining popularity again for being a quick and effortless way to replicate salon nail extensions at home.

What Are Press On Nails?

Press on nails are artificial nails made of acrylic resin, gel or ABS plastic and painted with nail polish. If you have ever gotten gel tip extensions at a nail salon, press-on nails are similar to those but they cover the whole nail bed.

The application is a simple process with glue or adhesive tab. They can last for just a weekend or up to two weeks which makes them a great option for special events, or if you need to limit your nail length for your job.

Benefits of Press On Nails

A Great Alternative to Going to the Salon

With everything that has happened in the past few years, press-on nails are a great alternative to gel extensions or acrylic nails when you do not want to leave your home but still want to have a custom, polished manicure look.

Easy Application and Removal for Special Events

They’re great for a last-minute event as their application and removal are so impressively quick. This you can focus on more important things — like what you’re going to wear.

Great for People Who Can't Have Nails for Their Occupation

Since they’re so effortless to apply or remove, they’re a nice style option for people who can only wear glam, fashionable, or long nails during their off-time, like medical professionals, those who work in conservative offices, etc.


Our press-ons are reusable, so feel free to repeat your manicure set as much as you like, guilt-free.

Has a Variety of Designs to Choose From

Press ons let you have a variety of pattern, art, shape, and colour options, just like acrylic nails. You can mix-and-match sets to change up your looks and suit your style. Classic options like a french manicure or natural pink-beige are also easy to find.


Reusable press ons, like what we have at Polish Me Pretty are a super economical way to appear glam in the long run because you are paying for multiple wears. While they’re priced higher than drugstore single-use products, they still cost less than gel extensions.


Shop for all your press on nail needs by clicking here.

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